From Almaty notes;

Almaty as one of the most beautiful city for 500,000 reasons, could be prolonged sensory deprivation, but outstanding natural and artificial beauty. A blend of Russian Central Asian genes.

Meeting Mattijs and bowler coffee, in coffee tasting in snazz location and reinvention of the great green bazaar.

Tanya's kimono opening, and her quest for fame, engaging interviewer, working the power couple with Peter President of Astana Air. We were somewhat in a trance, bar ma glot was the final nail in the coffin, I felt safe going knowing I would be in Asli's arms very soon.

Feelings, we had processed the break to turn from an interuption from a travellers groove to a refreshng break to take stock and resupply so as to enjoy the next leg all the more. Return to uk, quickly fell back into well worn pattrns after dramtic entrance at shareholders meeting. Return was the more daunting prospect, and knowing the return to stripped back living, the transition would prove th difficulty, mantaining the state itself was never to be a problem

Outset from Almaty, bikes feeling strange and unsure as to the balance and new sounds coming from the machines. Rob and I were not quite back in sync with each other either, taking wrong turns losing each other in traffic, and having different ablution schedules.